Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Two from the 'Tube

Some thoughtful friends forwarded me some links to some retro game themed videos recently. Thanks, friends!

First, apparently in March last year, Pontiac released a TV ad based on the 1983 game Spy Hunter. Like everything else, it's available on YouTube, along with the Making-Of (which to me is even more interesting.) Few, if any, of the collaborators appear to be old enough to remember the game when it came out, but there you have it.

There is also this music video by "The Go! Team," the song is "Junior Kickstart" and the star is Ms. Pac-Man running around the streets of New York - whose denizens either don't notice a real life Pac-person, or seemingly don't think anything of it. Date of the video is unknown; the album the song was released on came out in 2004, but if you look closely you'll see the World Trade Center in the video, so it must have been filmed before that.

Finally, in unrelated news, I liked the following excerpt from an article entitled Do Men Really Want to Get Married?

For me, the light bulb popped on at a penny arcade, playing classic '80s arcade games with my girlfriend. Kris destroyed asteroids and hopped barrels with impressive dexterity.

But it was the grace with which she obliterated insects that sealed the deal. Spinning that roller ball, wiping out that quickly descending centipede with master firepower -- I had to marry this girl.

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