Saturday, June 6, 2009

Can't Stop the Blocks

Tetris, an incredibly simple and compelling game, turns 25 today. People still play it. It's one of the most widely recognized tropes in gamedom. Even Google honored it in its Google Doodle:

There is a long and fascinating history behind the game, but I won't repeat it here. I will offer this small tidbit, however - if you've ever wondered where the name Tetris comes from, it's from the Greek prefix tetra, meaning four. Each of the shapes ("tetronimoes") that drop contains four squares in various configurations. As for the "-is," apparently that's a nod to creator Alexey Pajitnov's favorite sport, Tennis.

Till next time, happy gaming.... and remember, it's hip to be square!

Tetris in the Chicago Tribune

Tetris in Wikipedia

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