Sunday, April 4, 2010

How many obsolete things can you find in this photo?


Incandescent lamp
Glasses with plastic frames
Amiga computer (the guy on the right met his wife on Internet Relay Chat on this one)
Floppy discs
Music cassettes
Compact discs
Giant speakers
Cassette-based analog 4-track recorder
Using a door and file cabinets as a table
CRT monitor
Wood paneling

Still in use today:

Striped grunge shirts
Tattoos (especially trendy with teenage girls)
Guitars, drums, bass, MIDI interface I assume are all basically unchanged; music keyboards, digital effects processor, other rack components much more advanced
The guy on the left has a much more streamlined haircut now, the guy on the right looks the same.

This comes courtesy of a friend (pictured at right) who found and scanned this photo from my room circa 1994.

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