Friday, August 15, 2008

Annual versity

A couple of anniversaries are happening this year. (Well that's silly. Of course all anniversaries happen every year. But still.) A few days ago CNet published a brief piece on the advent of the IBM PC. It's one of those "Don't you feel old now?" gags. But I don't feel old when I think about getting my PC... of course I feel nostalgic. I still remember the feel of the thick, slightly rough metal, the super-clicky keyboard, the way the two floppy drives popped open, the sweet tobacco smell of the room (technically it was my father's computer.) For days after it arrived I would once in a while just go look at it. There was so much I imagined I could do with it... and there was much that I did.

The IBM PC is 27 this year.

CNet: Do you remember where you were when this happened?

PS: Computer bulletin boards are 30.

PPS: Ralph Macchio turns 47 this year. Ok, now I feel old.

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