Thursday, May 8, 2008

Digital Archaeology Turns Up an Artifact from 1984

I was searching for a "shareware" BBS-downloaded game I played on my IBM PC circa 1985 and used the search term GRIME.ZIP. I found the game, and something else that surprised me even more - a program I wrote on the same PC, the previous year. It's a BASIC program that draws the Ghostbusters logo on the screen. (Ghostbusters was absolutely HUGE in the summer/fall of 1984, you will remember.) I found a couple other Ghostbusters programs in the same filebase.

It's kind of neat what you can find on the Web. Even things that were created long before there WAS a Web. My file, the Grime game, and many others were uploaded to this BBS in 1989 it seems, and burned onto CD maybe a year later - eventually, the BBS became a dialup/Web hybrid, and here we are. Here's a list of some of the files on the BBS.

Here's a shot of the screen and some text from the program.

I hope you enjoyed this presentation!!

Copyright (c)October 16th, 1984

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